Posted by steveazar on November 16, 2013


Who knew that used coffee grinds can add lots of extra love to a pot of chili? (Thanks David Market)

I know I know I know…it’s been a very long time since I last blogged. But I have challenged myself yet again, to “officially” be better at staying connected with you guys. So, lets get to it.

pizza dough

My quest to make the perfect pizza dough will go on and on and on……..

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve decided to share my obsession with food and cooking via my Fan Facebook page. This past week has been a hoot reconnecting with everyone! I’m lovin’ your comments! So keep checking in as I will be cookin’ up some new music AND new food.

I’ve loved the kitchen since I was a kid. From the days of my thirteen layer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to now along with my sidekick and bride, we are tackling dishes like beef bourguignon (it’s a breeze), trying to master the perfect Bolognese, smoking meats of all kinds and putting our own twist on dishes such as white bean chili, spicy fish tacos, jambalayas and gumbos, homemade pizza, grape leaves, stuffed squash, , and the list goes on. We are eaten’ up with it all…pardon the pun!!  Also, I am a HUGE fan of heat……..peppers of all kinds.  There is hardly a dish that I don’t include them in.  In fact my family is so well heat-trained that one of my boys, at the age of 8,  got his picture posted up in a “hot chicken” restaurant in Nashville for digesting supposedly the “hottest” chicken around- but we begged to differ. Do I feel a heat seekers challenge coming on?

The Food Network is constantly on in our house and it took the place of Disney channel for our baby girl who is quite the aspiring chef.  I stumbled upon the network back in 1996 on my bus while out on tour and been glued to it ever since.  I would watch every show as though I was in culinary school. (There’s lots of idle time on the road). Every now and then I would  switch the channel to ESPN just to make sure I was still okay…. I guess you can say “I was Food Network when Food Network wasn’t cool” –  And speaking of Food Network,  fellow Mississippian and Iron Chef Cat Cora is featured in my “Catfish Christmas” video wielding the knife as only she can.  Get in the holiday spirit and go to i-tunes to add the song to your holiday music library!

Getting the family together and cooking is the highlight of our day. It’s like we own our own eatery.  From planning the menu, going to the grocery store, cutting the herbs from the garden, the whole dang preparation is intoxicating. And then when it’s game time, we take our sweet sweet time to consume the sights, the sounds, the aromas……whoa!  And the best thing about is that it creates the perfect backdrop for conversation and hangin’ out with the family. Okay the wine and Fat Trout ain’t so bad either:)

fat trout kissing bottle photo

Speaking of Fat Trout,  I am now the new brand ambassador for “The Fat Trout Scotch Whiskey“. I know, it does sound very official:)…If it’s available in your area, give it a sipping, it’s yummy…If your local spirits store doesn’t carry it yet, tell them about it and ask them to order some up. As we say, “You’ll get hooked”.


steve love!

I am also getting a lot of comments about the shorts I’m wearing. Beenwearing Loudmouth for years on the golf course. Now they are on me all the time it seems. You should see my closet, the sucker looks the inside of a crayon box:)

That’s it for now, hope everyone has a very safe and fabulous Thanksgiving holiday with some delta soul, food, music, friends and family……..nothing better!