Posted by steveazar on January 5, 2010

Where time goes, how swift it moves, mostly ungraceful, out of control, frantic.  But its time that allows us the opportunity to accomplish our dreams, and reach those goals we need, in order to be complete and fulfilled.  Of course with any good dream comes the road to it. Mine for the most part, has been pretty bumpy in spots and cynically unpredictable, filled with empty spaces where it seemed as if I had vanished into thin air. With that said I find it reassuring and rewarding to still be in the game, while even ever so slowly inching toward my goals. I got to’ tell ya’, I do feel invigorated and inspired with this fantastic energy that makes me want to take on this New Year like a freight train filled with wheat. (Not sure why wheat, but at least its sounds healthy…more to come there)

I guess this is how I feel at the beginning of any new year, but with it being a new decade as well I am going to take great pride in my past accomplishments and how I’ve learned from the struggles and mistakes and what I’ve have finally come to the conclusion of, and that is, “I am actually Living my dream”.  It just happens to have leading rolls with angels and yes devils in it, but its all part of the trip.

As you all can tell I must have absolutely nothing to say today, but I beg of you to give me just a tad (okay a mile) of slack because its just too dang soon in the year to tell ya anything that ‘s worth reading.  And, since the last time I communicated with you,  all I’ve done is eat mounds and mounds of holiday cookies…remember the healthy thing I mentioned earlier?
I decided to be philosophical, just to throw you a bit.  So, lord has mercy on any of you who are reading this.

Seriously, if you must know in the past 15 days and nights I have done some writing that I feel was productive and moving, spent some really quality time with my family, traveled up and down the highway like the Griswold’s for Christmas and pre New Years Day…urr. Organized my studio, working out (Alright, Okay…mine rarely involves breaking a sweat, consists of a can of diet coke close by, requires no weights, but hey, it’s still called working out).  Getting ready today for our first hoops practice since the break and knowing I am truly fortunate and blessed for it all.

I do look forward to the New Year, here’s to it being the best of them all, for all of us.

Please call your local radio stations and request “SUNSHINE” my new single out January 11, off the Slide record. I think you would agree, we’ve waited a long time for this one and hopefully TIME will show, it really has been on our side.

Be safe out there , Steve