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Nashville, TN (I­Newswire) September 20, 2012 ­ – ‘Doin’ It Right’ (Delta Mix) co-­written by Steve Azar, Tony Colton and AJ Masters is a song about the crazy things you have done in life and finally getting to the point where you want to do it right in your life. This upbeat, blues riffed song can be heard at:

‘Here Comes The Boom’, stars Kevin James, Salma Hayek, Henry Winkler and features Azar’s good friend, Gary Valentine. Kevin James plays a school teacher. When the school cuts the music program run his by his friend, a complacent bio teacher decides to raise funds to save it via MMA fighting. A former fighter trains him and while battered in early fights, he improves, rediscovers his passion for teaching and finally makes it to the UFC bout which he amazingly wins. The prize money saves the music program and he also wins the heart of the pretty school nurse.

Steve Azar, best known for his hits, ‘I Don’t Have to be me til’ Monday’ and the #1 CMT video ‘Waitin’ on Joe’, featuring Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman. Azar also penned and recorded ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Soldier Song’.

Delta Soul Volume One, is Azar’s latest critically acclaimed CD with songs all about his time growing up in the Mississippi Delta. The songs take you through Steve growing up and learning his brand of Mississippi Delta Music from blues legends like, Little Milton, Sam Chatmon, Roosevelt (Booba) Barnes, and the great Eugene Powell who was known as Sonny Boy Nelson. Released on Ride Records, Delta Soul Volume One is available at iTunes, Amazon,, and most everywhere you buy music.

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